George Chlentzos — Director of Brass Farthing. Despite his unpronounceable name, Mr Chlentzos has made quite a name for himself in the California Renaissance Faire and Dickens Fair community. Mr Chlentzos is an alumnus of the musical sensation Hard Times, performed lead in a variety of Gilbert & Sullivan productions, and held the esteemed position of Chairman at Mad Sal's.
R. U. Rightly — Self-proclaimed raconteur and bon vivant, Roger is the exalted leader and founder of the Brass Farthing Mutual Admiration Society (BFMAS). Mr Rightly found his fortune on the London stage and promptly misplaced it again while in a nearby alehouse. He remains a sought after performer, wanted by both audiences and authorities the world over.
Tazz Richards — As a jack-of-all-trades, Mr Richards has been accused of playing woodwinds and percussion, belly dancing, kite flying, book publishing and in the unfortunate case of Brass Farthing, singing. He is an alumnus of the SFGMC and a connoisseur of whiskey or whatever he happens to be drinking at the time.
Slugger O'Toole (drunk as a rule) — In spite of the slightly exaggerated rumors of his death, Mr O’Toole survived the wreck of the Irish Rover. He landed on the shores of Liverpool, broken, lost, missing important pieces of his memory and his clothing, and for the first time since he was pried away from the whiskey-flavored teat of his dear old mum – sober. Mr O’Toole stumbled his way to London, begging and singing for booze and occasionally food. The BFMAS took him in out of pity – or possibly because he posed a threat to their women.
Rory Alden — A staple at Renaissance Faires, Mr Alden also performs as One Jolly Beggar, continuing the musical traditions of his alum Jolly Beggar. He is a master carpenter, bartender, artist and architect of things worldly and other-worldly. When not answering every question on Jeopardy, Mr Alden has been known to leave the ladies whistling a new tune.
Champagne Charlie — A world-renowned trapéziste, Charlie is a London original. On any given night, Charlie can be found at any one of London’s many East or West End pubs, carousing, bartending, or performing either for money or more of his favorite, elusive elixir – good bubbly! He also collects corks, and we are told it would be improper to ask how he keeps so many on his person.
Mark Donnelly — When Mr Donnelly isn’t directing and performing with The Stark Ravens, writing music and disappointing his groupies with his wedding ring, he slums it with Brass Farthing, occasionally wielding a mighty mandolin or demonstrating an affectation for ballet. After his audition, he was instructed to leave the tutu at home. When Mr Donnelly feels the need to don a tux, he plays saxophone with Lee Press-On and the Nails. Damn overachiever.
'andsome 'arry Palmer — After corrupting the convent where he was raised, Mr Palmer learned his smile could open any door as long as it was to a boudoir or drunk tank. He graduated from the BFMAS rehabilitation program by completing the Gauntlet of Beer, a ritual so secret, it can only be finished by being too drunk to remember what you did in the first place.
Jim Partridge has been one of the regular suspects committing folk music in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for many years now. He can be found at the Hyde St. Pier singing sea songs and shanties, and trolling the docks of San Francisco in search of his other band mates, The Roving Tars, who by they’re very nature, are roving. Approach Mr Partridge with extreme caution, as he has been known to harmonize with complete strangers with no provocation whatsoever.
Jimmy Twitcher — Or Jack Twitcher. Or Johnny Twitch. Different people get different names. Mr Twitcher is back from being an involuntary guest of Her Majesty in Van Diemen’s Land. Details on how this was accomplished are . . . sketchy. There was a gold mine involved . . . again, details are sketchy, and a search of Her Majesty’s Land Patent Office in Queensland reveals no variation of any of the above names in rightful possession of any gold mine . . . or any gold for that matter. Nonetheless, Mr Twitcher – if that’s his real name – has become a man of means in these latter years, even if the source of those means are not clear. He is infinitely obliged that those of you with . . . official connexions to Her Majesty’s Government have not pursued this matter.
Chris Callahan — A member of The Stark Ravens, Plasterkatz and really, who knows what other illicit organizations. Mr Callahan is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, actor, and frankly way too cute for his own good. In his spare time he can be found fending off (or chatting up) oglers of his super-hot wife.
Phineas Wilberforce Smugsley — He says, “You can call me Fin – like a shark in the water! – but you best not call me Wilber.” Mr Smuglsey was raised on the streets of London . Briefly employed as a bludger for Paddy West’s School of Seamanship , he’s now a well-respected man about town, doing the best things so conservatively…

Tim Cadell is a long time fixture at Renaissance Faires as a member of the cacophonous conundrum known as The Poxy Boggards. His musical career is as long and untamed as his flowing mane. The only redeeming quality Tim brings to Brass Farthing is his wife.
Halbert McSwiggen escaped from Bedlam Hospital after soaking himself inside and out with gin and slipping through the bars. While escaping from the bobbies, his melodic yodels for help disrupted a nightly session of the BFMAS. Knowing that the group could use another desperate tenor, Roger abetted the refugee with the promise of beer and good company as long as Gaffer would stopped that blasted yodeling. We’re still waiting on that promise.
Misha Frankly — Writer, Actor, Singer, Producer, Kosher Ham. Mr Frankly finds himself neatly nested in the SF Bay Area where he pursues his creative passions. Misha can be found producing various YouTube vids, singing year round with Brass Farthing, and boldly performing with the Broadside Music Hall at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair every weekend during the holiday season.
Dr Walford Bodie — Called by some ‘The Most Remarkable Man That Has Ever Lived’, Dr Walford Bodie, the Electric Wizard, Sensation of the Age, AND Protector of Suffering Humanity, has toured the globe gathering rare and unusual ingredients for his patented ‘Electric Liniment’, guaranteed to cure Rheumatism, Arthritis and the dreaded Munkachowka! If you, or a close loved one, are in dire want of liquid health and fortification, make haste and sally forth to Dr Walford Bodie’s Electric Exhibition and Medical Liniment Extravaganza, appearing at your local British and American Music Halls, and imbibe your way to good health and prosperity!
Jeremy Friedenthal — a native of our fine Bay Area, and has consequently been singing the Olde English and Irish songs of our people for some time. He says he picked the songs up on the docks of San Francisco but we really know he’s been hanging around the likes of our local folk music community for far too long to be considered sane. He likes to do stupidly healthy things like bicycle through the snow and/or heat or run to his local pub 16 miles away. When he’s bored he sometimes organizes house concerts and music events and often is seen singing loudly in his car.
Thaddeus “Tad” Phlatt – Grew up on the streets of London but through a fortuitous set of “investments” by his good friend Jimmy Twitcher, was able to secure importation licenses to launch his wholly legitimate and completely legal pig iron foundry and mill, Phlatt Iron Foundries. This has brought him the wealth of a royal, the ear of his local officials and the palm of his local ombudsmen.

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