A Brass Farthing Christmas2015
Celebrate Christmas throughout the ages, with traditional wassails, modern classics and new originals.
1.The Gloucestershire Wassail
2.O Holy Night
3.Masters in This Hall
4.Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
5.We Three Kings
6.The Boar's Head Carol
7.The Ballad of Yukon Cornelius
8.The Christmas Song
9.Apple Tree Wassail
10.Oh, Christmas in Dublin, OH
11.Down in Yon Forest
12.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
13.Auld Lang Syne

Roger, Where’s Me Whiskey?2014
Explore the group's deep folk and choral roots with strong a cappella harmonies, music hall favorites, comic original songs, and themes that go far beyond standard drinking songs.
1.Ring the Bell Watchman
2.Brass Farthing March
3.We Be Soldiers Three
4.Bring Us a Barrel
5.Lady in Red
6.Lily the Pink
7.The Magpie
8.The Morning Wood
9.John Ball
10.Roger, Where's Me Whiskey?
11.When All Men Sing
12.Sobriety Waltz
13.Health to the Company
14.Gimme Some Beer
15.Tattooed Lady
16.Jimmy Bean

Plug Nickel2012
The boys venture across the pond to the Colonies with songs of the sea and traditional Americana as well as some all-new original material.
1.Bonnie Ship the Diamond
2.They're Moving Father's Grave to Build a Sewer
3.The Fella That Played the Trombone
5.Sailor's Regret
6.Sail to the Bottom
7.The Ballad of Davy Jones
8.Sailor's Prayer
9.Banks of the Sacramento
10.I Don't Know Why
11.Pleasant and Delightful
12.Poor Paddy Works On the Railway
13.Hard Times Come Again No More
15.Yellow Rose of Texas

More Songs About Dogs and Beer2010
Raise a pint with the boys of Brass Farthing for another night at the Music Hall! Favorite sing along drinking songs join new original works, all inspired by Victorian and Vaudevillian traditions.
1.Itches in Me Britches
2.Bass Ale
3.Dido Bendigo
4.General Taylor
5.The Crayfish
6.Mary Anne She’s After Me
7.Barbed Wire
8.Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
9.The Rope
10.The Man That Waters the Workers Beer
12.Gamble Gold and Robin Hood
13.I Love You More Than Beer
14.Oak Ash and Thorn
15.Charlie Mopps

Brass Farthing2007
Brass Farthing transports you to a 19th Century English Pub with ten (mostly) A Capella tracks in audacious all-male 7 1/2 part harmony.
1.God Bless the Human Elbow
2.Glorious Beer
3.Babylon is Fallen
4.Red is the Rose
5.Another Irish Drinking Song
6.All Among the Barley
7.She Was Golden
10.Eat Bertha's Mussels

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